I loved season 1 of Zombies Run and have supported it since way back in the kick starter games. The concept is extremely simple. It’s basically a lightly interactive audio book to listen to while you go running. It also acts as a run logger and gave a basic town builder game to play before you jumped in the shower.

Of course what made it was the witty banter and interesting story arch and when season 1 finished I was very interested to see what happens to Abel township and it’s residents going forward.

So you can imagine I was happy when I saw that Zombies, Run! Season 2 was available for purchase today, and at an introductory 50% off!

So I have snapped it up. This season is going to continue the story line of you as Runner 5, they promise more tense action and over 60 missions that will be delivered as the weeks go on. The app starts with 7 right now, plenty to get started! Also if you have not played season 1 then you can get those missions and catch up, which I really suggest you do!

There is a new city builder that looks a little more worthwhile, radio abel is back and there will be new race training.

Basically I better get out there and get started!


As an introductory offer they are offering 50% off the app so it’s the perfect time to purchase the season and side missions.

GET ZOMBIES RUN 2 HERE <– currently 50% off, act fast!

(Purchases through the above link link may earn me a small commission but you can trust me that i LOVE this app and genuingly use and recommend it.)

And here are a couple of screen shots I took :).

Zombies run 2 screen  Zombies run 2 season 2 missions screen Zombies run 2 city builder

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