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Running SUCKS… And Then One Day It Doesn’t!

– ADVERTISEMENT – The new year is in and I am sure a lot of new people are planning to getĀ themselvesĀ to their local sports store and pick up a pair of running style sneakers, a matching t-shirt, shorts and a swanky sports jacket. Getting ready for a year of exercise is a great thing and […]

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I’m Too Fat To Run

Twice in the last week I have received comments from people claiming that they are too fat to run. Once via email from a very nice sounding lady named Donna and another in a comment on my welcome post from Khaleef, who is blogging about his weight loss over at his Fat Guy Skinny Wallet […]

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How I Prevent Blisters When Running

I’ve been gifted with toes that seem to overlap a little. This wonderful gift is particularly noticeable on my little […]

Buying online but trying on in-store: An immoral tale and a missed opportunity…

My partner and I did something last week that may not have been moral. She needed new shoes. Her old […]

Don’t Think About It, Just Get Up And Run!

early morning running

I made a mistake this morning. I woke and thought! I considered my run. Now contrary to popular opinion I […]

Equipment for Running: What is Needed?

I want everyone who physically can to start running, so if there is a way for that to happen I […]

Zombies Run 2 is here…. I’m excited! (LIMITED 50% OFF LAUNCH DEAL)

Zombies run 2 season 2 missions screen

I loved season 1 of Zombies Run and have supported it since way back in the kick starter games. The […]

Boston: Lets Run Not Retribute

runners legs

I turned on the television on the early afternoon of Sunday 15th April to be greeted with a dull toned […]

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