A couple of days ago Google got the world  excited with the release of a video named Day One in which a trendy young guy went about his day wearing a pair of Google specs which integrated augmented reality into his day.

Of course at this stage the video was an imagination and as far as anyone knows the product does not yet exist. However Google says they are putting it out there to gather thoughts and ideas.

The video showed the guy using the augmented reality to keep check of his daily appointments, recognise locations, give directions, spot friends and even have a voice and video conversation sharing with her what he could see. All pretty neat stuff if Google could ever get it to work that smoothly.

Immediately, after thinking about how many injuries this tech would cause, I started to think of the possibilities for us, runners and people who love to work out.

I can’t help it but I love tracking my runs on my iPhone. As of April 5th I can tell you exactly how far I have run this month (59km), my average speed, I can show you maps etc etc. I tend to use audio cues but between them I can’t see my pace, how far I have been, a map or anything else visual. Augmented reality glasses could seriously change that and I thought I would put together a video, although amateur, to show what it could potentially look and work like.

So I just put the basics across the top of the screen but potentially you could show anything from compass direction to a full map and you could even live race friends on the other side of the planet or shadow race a previous one of your own runs.


The glasses will likely run on the Android platform which developers are already very familiar with and I can’t see why as soon as Google has something solid why they can’t start releases specs so people can at least start laying the foundations for apps such as the GlassRun one that  envision in my video.

We live in exciting times!

I would love to know what you think of the potential of glas and especially for exercise or if you think the tech will just not work right and won’t be much good for us runners?

Also do you think technology is bad for training? Should runners run tech free?

Thanks a million.

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When I can be I am a regular runner but I am also nothing special and certainly no elite, so in that respect I am regular too. However I do love talking about running and related things and I do have a lot of experience, over 15 years now.

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