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If you see a hill, RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!

– ADVERTISEMENT – How many times have you been out for a run and come to the bottom of a hill only to turn around and go a different way, or take the hill but at a pace that you are being overtaken by old ladies on walking frames? Climbing hills is one of the […]

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10 Songs You Should Have on Your Zombies Run Playlist

don runs, 28 weeks later

I have been playing Zombies Run for sometime now and I love it. If you are wondering what it is well let me tell you. Zombies Run is effectively an interactive audio book and run logger that you play whilst you run. You play each mission along with a run and story intersperses with your chosen music to […]

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Running SUCKS… And Then One Day It Doesn’t!

The new year is in and I am sure a lot of new people are planning to get themselves to their local sports store and pick up a pair of running style sneakers, a matching t-shirt, shorts and a swanky sports jacket. Getting ready for a year of exercise is a great thing and I fully encourage […]

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I Beat The Mountain, I Beat The Cross! My Montreal Half Marathon

I Beat The Mountain, I Beat The Cross! My Montreal Half Marathon

I’ve been in the beautiful city of Montreal for nearly two weeks now and yesterday I made a significant step forward in my running. I ran 13.3 miles for the first time since 2005, however that was not the step that motivated and excited me the most. The natives named Montreal Turtle Island due to […]

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It’s Raining! What To Do When You Can’t Run?

Luckily today is a rest day for me but earlier this evening I got caught outside in the worst rain / storm that I have witnessed in a hell of a long while. Hail, ran, thunder and lightening soaked me to the bone as I ran (not out of choice) home. I arrived in Montreal a few […]

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Diversify Your Exercise

It’s Sunday evening and I have not run since Thursday. Normally I would be itching for a run and feeling a little depressed that I hadn’t laced up for a few days. However today I rested and I fell just fine about it. My itchiness to run today was quelled by the fact that the days since […]

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I’m Too Fat To Run

Twice in the last week I have received comments from people claiming that they are too fat to run. Once via email from a very nice sounding lady named Donna and another in a comment on my welcome post from Khaleef, who is blogging about his weight loss over at his Fat Guy Skinny Wallet […]

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My First Run At Thirty… Working Out Goals

A week ago today I reached a new milestone in my life, I reached the big Three Zero. I can’t say I feel any different, no extra aches, pains or anything and no real emotion attached to the figure as such. However as I embarked on my first run of thirty I did think about […]

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How I Prevent Blisters When Running

I’ve been gifted with toes that seem to overlap a little. This wonderful gift is particularly noticeable on my little […]

Buying online but trying on in-store: An immoral tale and a missed opportunity…

My partner and I did something last week that may not have been moral. She needed new shoes. Her old […]

Don’t Think About It, Just Get Up And Run!

early morning running

I made a mistake this morning. I woke and thought! I considered my run. Now contrary to popular opinion I […]

Equipment for Running: What is Needed?

I want everyone who physically can to start running, so if there is a way for that to happen I […]

Zombies Run 2 is here…. I’m excited! (LIMITED 50% OFF LAUNCH DEAL)

Zombies run 2 season 2 missions screen

I loved season 1 of Zombies Run and have supported it since way back in the kick starter games. The […]

Boston: Lets Run Not Retribute

runners legs

I turned on the television on the early afternoon of Sunday 15th April to be greeted with a dull toned […]

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