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If you see a hill, RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!

– ADVERTISEMENT – How many times have you been out for a run and come to the bottom of a hill only to turn around and go a different way, or take the hill but at a pace that you are being overtaken by old ladies on walking frames? Climbing hills is one of the […]

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Don’t Run Through Injury

One of the horrible things about running is that you will get injured and Murphy’s Law will dictate that the injury comes at a time when you are just reaching a milestone. The thing is, especially in my case, the injury often comes from an activity outside of running. If you was not a ‘runner’ […]

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Google Glass for Running

A couple of days ago Google got the world  excited with the release of a video named Day One in which a trendy young guy went about his day wearing a pair of Google specs which integrated augmented reality into his day. Of course at this stage the video was an imagination and as far […]

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The Runner’s Guide to…Solar Panels?!?

Snow on solar panel

How important is sunscreen for a runner in winter? How important is sunscreen for a runner on overcast days? Obviously, the answers to those questions depend on so many factors. If you sprint or if you run in the woods, it might be of very little importance. If you do long-distance running, or run along […]

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First Run in Five Fingers and In New Zealand, Ouch!

Point Chev Beach Auckland

My calves were absolutely killing me. A few days ago, after a month of using the snow as an excuse, I finally slipped some shoes up and went out for a run. The thing is, although in a lot of pain, I am felt absolutely great. I just arrived in New Zealand 4 days ago, […]

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What To Do When You See A Dog Whilst Running

If you make a habit of running along mountain paths then you may be well aware of how to act if you meet a bear or even a mountain lion but for the majority of runners the reality is that the fiercest animal you will encounter plodding through your local park is man’s best friend. […]

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Should You Go Running Whilst Sick?

running whilst ill

I’m laying on the sofa as I am typing this post, aches and pains, a sore throat and a lost will to live…. Ok, that is an exaggeration, my will to live is perfectly in tact. However I am feeling a little depressed because illness has struck and I won’t be able to do my run […]

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Diversify Your Exercise

It’s Sunday evening and I have not run since Thursday. Normally I would be itching for a run and feeling a little depressed that I hadn’t laced up for a few days. However today I rested and I fell just fine about it. My itchiness to run today was quelled by the fact that the days since […]

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My First Run At Thirty… Working Out Goals

A week ago today I reached a new milestone in my life, I reached the big Three Zero. I can’t say I feel any different, no extra aches, pains or anything and no real emotion attached to the figure as such. However as I embarked on my first run of thirty I did think about […]

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Welcome to

Finally I made it up the hill, no stopping, not a lot of speed either but I made it, all the way for the first time. My lungs burning, legs burning, face burning from the cold and not exactly feeling a million bucks physically but mentally I was cleansed. I took up running as part […]

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How I Prevent Blisters When Running

I’ve been gifted with toes that seem to overlap a little. This wonderful gift is particularly noticeable on my little […]

Buying online but trying on in-store: An immoral tale and a missed opportunity…

My partner and I did something last week that may not have been moral. She needed new shoes. Her old […]

Don’t Think About It, Just Get Up And Run!

early morning running

I made a mistake this morning. I woke and thought! I considered my run. Now contrary to popular opinion I […]

Equipment for Running: What is Needed?

I want everyone who physically can to start running, so if there is a way for that to happen I […]

Zombies Run 2 is here…. I’m excited! (LIMITED 50% OFF LAUNCH DEAL)

Zombies run 2 season 2 missions screen

I loved season 1 of Zombies Run and have supported it since way back in the kick starter games. The […]

Boston: Lets Run Not Retribute

runners legs

I turned on the television on the early afternoon of Sunday 15th April to be greeted with a dull toned […]

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