I turned on the television on the early afternoon of Sunday 15th April to be greeted with a dull toned BBC News anchor telling the world that there had been explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The scant details went around and around, basically repeating the fact that they had no new news on the terrible event and even going live to speak to others that simply had nothing to add.

runners legsThe facts were that a disgusting act had happened. We now know that two explosives, probably debris filled pressure cookers, were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At this point in time no other devices, motives or suspects have been confirmed despite early reports.

Awfully three people including an eight year old boy lost their lives and over 170 people were injured with many needing amputations.

I was shocked and as a runner it felt strangely close to me. I often put running on a pedestal. Running unites people of all shapes, sizes, classes, creeds, backgrounds, generally without predudice. You just have to look at the demographics of any large scale run to see that it’s all inclusive. In the moment it left me with a complete lack of understanding as to why someone would do such a thing at such an innocent event.

But of course it’s likely the only draw of causing ill at the event will turn out to be the congregation of a large mass of people, maybe the date with be significant but I don’t want to even begin to speculate. It was a place to cause hurt and gain international attention.

It wasn’t long before the finger pointing and pure speculation started. I switched over to Fox and heard the word 9/11 mentioned twice in just a few minutes. Then came retribution calls and the fighting talk. This article from the Langer Hall delves into the reaction a little more.

Don’t get me wrong there has been a lot of love,┬ápeaceful┬ácalls and respect being shouted out too but it’s the retribution and the reactionary violence led speech that always upsets me.


What happened in Boston is absolutely terrible and the deaths of three people is nothing to ever take lightly. I think we need to take events like this to remember the dead and injured of the event and also reflect on the unjust deaths that happen all over the world.

Life is not something that should be taken lightly and it’s something we only have for a relatively short time. It could all end tomorrow for no fault of our own.

Running brings light to my life and the international community is simply amazing. You can find runners in almost every corner of this world and that brings me comfort. We are joined by the simple fact that we like to put one food in front of another at a faster than normal speed.

So I call for us all to avoid thoughts of speculation and retribution. I say we lace up, head out the door and run. Pay our respects to the sad events of the world by enhancing our own lives and spreading love, care and compassion.

I have no doubts that this Sunday’s London Marathon will show the beautiful spirit of the running community.

Keep on running.

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When I can be I am a regular runner but I am also nothing special and certainly no elite, so in that respect I am regular too. However I do love talking about running and related things and I do have a lot of experience, over 15 years now.

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